About  Us

At Fiscus Grow, we are a bunch of people who are dedicated to making your financial life productive and hassle-free. For us, finding customised solutions to grow your wealth is the ultimate goal.

Our Story

At Fiscus Grow we are a group of individuals committed to make your financial life easy and fruitful. The primary objective is to discover tailored solutions that will increase your wealth. Our journey defines our work and efforts and gives us the experience we need to become better in our disciplines, even if our ultimate goal is to help our clients change their investment patterns. Our attention is still on the route we are taking and the travellers we come across along the way. We are committed to helping clients with their financial needs, portfolio management, tax savings, and other investment-related questions.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a firm that puts its clients at the centre of everything. We believe that every client has a unique financial goal, therefore we adopt personalisation and customer analysis to provide tailor-made services of the highest standards and professional excellence.

We aspire to combine our financial knowledge and experience in the highest professional standards to educate our clients about diversifying their financial portfolio, in contrast to sticking to the traditional methods of investment like Fixed deposits. We help our clients attain the magic of 3Fs – Financial Freedom, Financial Security, Financial Preparedness, with minimum risks involved. As we keep doing this, we grow with them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a result-oriented investment firm that understands the financial goals and concerns of our clients, creates values for them, and assists them in meeting their long-term goals. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible investment advice, keeping abreast of the latest financial sector developments. We achieve this by drawing on our strength and our knowledge to deliver a proactive planned approach that is in line with the market and that complies with our valuable investment principles.

Let's meet Our Team

The Tour Guides To Your Financial Freedom 

Aarti Kundra


Manan Khurana

Associate Digital Marketing

Word From  our Founder

Reflecting on my 18-year journey in the financial industry, I feel fulfilled by the enduring impact I’ve made. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, I held roles at esteemed banks such as HDFC, RBL, and IndusInd Banks. In 2016, I successfully co-founded a company within the same domain, and in 2021, I launched a venture aimed at nationwide financial literacy. At Fiscusgrow, our mission is to empower individuals across the nation with financial knowledge. We aspire to realize this ambition by the end of this decade. With so many years of industry experience, our goal is to bridge the gap that exists between professionals, business owners, and companies and their aspirations for financial excellence.

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What Our Clients Say

Let’s see what makes us clients’ favourite for customised and updated investment solutions.

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GOURAV BAJAJ -(Project Director, Huawei ) — “ I have been a working professional for 15 years and tried investing for the first time apart from some fixed deposits. Hence, I needed guidance for which I consulted Fiscus Grow. The team assisted me in identifying the best means of investment that meet my future requirements. Not only are they experienced and dedicated but also sensitive about my needs and current scenario. I am happy to have such a team as my financial advisors. "
VEENA GOEL VINZANT -(BUSINESS WOMEN ) — “Being totally unaware of the pros and cons of investments and associated risks, I have always maintained my distance from financial planning. But recently, I got in touch with the team of Fiscus Grow and I believe it to be one of the best decisions. They helped me in maintaining track of what I was earning and where I was investing, something I always thought to be a tedious task. Their advice and solutions have been helping me in creating a better financial status, ensuring a secure future. ”
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SIDDHARTH ARORA - ( PRODUCT MANAGER , SHARECHAT ) — “Investing in bonds or mutual funds was never my cup of tea but as I started learning about it from my colleagues I wanted to give it a try. Fortunately, I found the team of Fiscus Grow that guided me on this unfamiliar path. I have been receiving suitable advice regarding my goals and financial freedom. I would highly recommend them for elaborate and effective financial planning.”
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ANKIT KHANNA - (FOUNDER, CTO SURAASA ) — “I own an IT company and was always keen on investing and the various market patterns. Since the market is never on the same page ,I contacted the experts from Fiscus Grow. Thankfully, the team created an investment plans according to my goals and requirements. They are resourceful, knowledgeable, and provide tailor-made solutions keeping in mind my earnings, savings, and future goals.”
MR. NIRMAL KUMAR -(Regional President ONGC Videsh) — “Choosing Fiscus Grow for my investments was a wise decision. Aarti kundra guided me through the complexities of the market, and I've seen impressive returns. Trustworthy and professional!”
SANDEEP MALIK -(EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ) — “I recently got more inclined towards stock investment, but due to the higher market risks, I was in a dilemma about how to start it. I took mentorship from Fiscus Grow that made me learn how to invest and ensure minimum possible loss through my investment. I am amazed to see the expertise and foresight they have on financial planning and risk management. On a personal front, it has been a wonderful relationship and I am sure this will grow even stronger in the future.”
MR. ARUN BHATIA -(Businessman) — “Impressive results! Thanks to Fiscus Grow, I've seen significant growth in my investments. Their strategic insights and proactive communication set them apart in the finance industry."
MR. Prashant Jain -(CEO Founding Director GSL Associates) — “Impressive results! Thanks to Fiscus Grow, I've seen significant growth in my investments. Their strategic insights and proactive communication set them apart in the finance industry."